Zach’s First Alert Forecast: Heat Hangs Around for the Weekend

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – Our heat wave starts to peak as we head into the weekend. Highs stay in the mid-90s but it’ll be the heat index that starts to hit dangerous levels. For most, our heat index has been around 95-105°F the past few days. We’re expecting that to increase to 100-110°F Friday and Saturday. We’ll at least have a breezy to help a bit. Winds increase to 10-20 mph inland and 15-25 mph along the coast by Saturday. Rip current risk will rise heading into the weekend due to the wind as well.

As the heat builds, rain chances look very low. Consider yourself lucky if you see a shower on Friday and Saturday. Rain chances may rise a bit Saturday night but our best chance is Sunday and Sunday night as a cold front moves through. Storms look scattered so not everyone is expected to see rain. A few more daytime downpours look possible early next week as highs drop back down to around 90. Overnight temperatures may fall as far as the upper 60s.

HEAT SAFETY TIPS: Be sure to limit your time outdoors during peak heating (10 AM to 6 PM). If you have to conduct strenuous activities, please do so in the early morning or late evening. Drink plenty of fluids, take frequent breaks, and head indoors if you begin to experience any symptoms of heat exhaustion.

TROPICS: The National Hurricane Center is currently watching one tropical disturbance. The NHC gives the disturbance a 40% chance of development over the next week as it moves off the coast of Africa heading west.