Yacht company sends new employees through BCCC apprenticeship

WASHINGTON, N.C. (WITN) -Pamlico Yachtworks (PYW) and Beaufort County Community College are working together on a program for new hires.

PYW will be sending eight newly-hired employees through an apprenticeship through BCCC. The program will require new hires to attend class three days a week while working at the PYW facility for the remaining two days of the week. These employees will earn their full wages and the classes come at no expense to them.

“We’re supporting [the BCCC boatbuilding] program and giving them some of the resources they need, which we have already committed to doing. It’s better for them to make a mistake in class than to make a mistake out here on the production floor while building a million-dollar yacht,” said Training and Development Manager Jerry Townsend. “But if we put them in that smaller, controlled environment where you can press pause, go back and re-lay this particular piece of fiberglass with resin so they really get the fundamental techniques down, they will apply that technique and allow us to increase their overall performance.”

The new apprenticeship program will keep production moving and infuse the shop floor with a new surge of talented employees. Prospective apprentices must first apply online to Pamlico Yachtworks, LLC here.

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