Workers laid off at flyExclusive in Kinston

KINSTON, N.C. (WITN) -A little over a week from Christmas 50 employees of an eastern Carolina-based business have found out they are out of a job.

flyExclusive of Kinston, a private jet company, let the workers go, according to a message sent to employees by company President Tommy Sowers.

Employees say they were notified via a vague email on December 16th that they were being let go effective immediately. One of those workers was Shelby Kennedy who says, “I left work Friday at 5:00 and then I received a phone call at 6:00 after I picked up my kids, and they let me know that I was being let go.”

Kennedy says that she now has to focus on applying for jobs this week, while also preparing for the holidays and her kids’ birthdays.

For other employees, like Casey Tyndall, this news came as a complete shock, and as a single mom, the holidays just got much more stressful. “It’s really hard to explain you know, you are trying to figure out how you are going to provide for your kids at Christmas. The letter was very vague stating we get our final paycheck on the 5th. We are supposed to get paid on the 20th and I was counting on that paycheck to pay for Christmas presents, so I went from worrying about Christmas presents to how long we could keep the lights on and stay in our home.”

It was just back in October that WITN reported flyExclusive would become publicly traded after a merger with a global investment firm but said flyExclusive’s leadership team would retain control of the company, ensuring a generational company will continue to grow in Kinston.

There was also a ribbon cutting for a new hangar then with the company anticipating adding 200 more jobs.

The Department of Commerce has not received any notice of the layoffs at the company.

WITN has reached out to flyExclusive but they would not comment on the situation.