Woman claims she received stolen Jeep as a birthday tip from Waffle House customer, police say

TULSA, Okla. (Gray News) – A woman in Oklahoma claimed the vehicle she is accused of stealing was a “birthday tip” from a former Waffle House customer, police said.

According to the Tulsa Police Department, officers received a tip about a stolen white Jeep Liberty on April 1.

Officers were able to stop the Jeep and speak with the driver, who they identified as Angela Harrison.

Harrison told officers that she was at a gas station an hour earlier, where she ran into a former customer of hers when she worked at Waffle House.

She told police the man gave her $10 cash and the Jeep as a gift because her 53rd birthday is coming up in a few weeks.

The Jeep, however, was reported stolen before Christmas, police said.

Detectives also had a photo of Harrison driving the Jeep from Jan. 14. Harrison identified herself in the photo, but she could not explain why she was driving the Jeep on Jan. 14 after she claimed the vehicle was gifted to her only an hour before.

Harrison was arrested and charged with possession of a stolen vehicle.

Tulsa police said the owner of the Jeep died last year. The vehicle was returned to his family.