Williamston swears in new mayor and town commissioners

WILLIAMSTON, N.C. (WITN) -Town and city officials, who were elected during the November municipal elections, are beginning to be sworn in around the east.

The town commissioners board looks a lot different in Williamston, and many gathered Monday night to welcome the new faces as they were sworn in.

David Richmond, Anthony Gianpoalo, and Glinda Fox are the three newly elected commissioners, with Commissioners Alton Moore and Ruth Coffield being two of three returning board members.

The other is Dean McCall, who’s now mayor.

He and some residents look forward to what the board will accomplish, especially when it comes to downtown revitalization.

“I’m hoping they bring more to our community,” said Princess Wilson, Williamston resident. “I hope they lower prices for the stampede, especially for nonprofit organizations.”

“We have a lot of new members coming on board that were really focused on it in the election process. They’ll bring good ideas,” McCall said.

McCall is replacing former mayor Joyce Whichard-Brown, who served two terms in office.

She was in attendance for McCall’s swearing-in and the new board’s first meeting.

“It feels funny,” said Whichard-Brown. “I wanted to get up and address certain issues, but told myself no Joyce, you can’t do that anymore.”

McCall says he’s grateful for Whichard-Brown and will continue the groundwork she laid.

“She’s very levelheaded, diplomatic, and doesn’t have any knee-jerk reactions,” McCall said. “I’ve learned a lot from sitting beside her.”

“Dr. McCall is going to make a great mayor,” Whichard-Brown said. “He’s pretty much an extension of me because he’s transparent.”

Whichard-Brown was the first female and African American to serve as Williamston Mayor.