William Barber II holds second press conference after AMC CEO meeting

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – Civil rights activist William Barber II is continuing his fight for a movie theater chain to be held accountable after he was escorted out of the AMC Fire Tower 12 in Greenville in December.

Monday, Barber held a press conference to talk about his meeting with AMC’s CEO.

“We had dinner, and we met for about hours,” said Barber.

During that press conference, Barber said it became clear that the CEO didn’t know all the details.

“I will tell you today I am hurt and bothered by the distortions that were brought to the table, ” said Barber.

Now Barber, following that meeting, says all further conversations will go through his lawyer, Harry Daniels.

“It’s not a matter of like, it’s not a matter of personality, it’s a matter of law,” said Barber.

The CEO of Disability Rights North Carolina made the trip to be at the press conference alongside Barber.

“Bishop Barber is doing the right thing by standing up for the systemic issue that is implemented. He personally experienced a great indignity,” said the CEO of Disability Rights North Carolina, Virginia Knowlton-Marcus.

With one purpose in mind.

“That when people see AMC, it means I know they will automate me carefully and cordially,” said Barber.

I also clarified with the lawyer who was at the press conference Monday that all further meetings will go through his team and that they are not suing, and Daniels replied, “At least not yet.”

We also reached out to the AMC theaters regarding the matter and the press conference held today, but we did not hear back.