Well, it’s hot, hot, HOT breaking record temperatures all across ENC

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – Its surely been a blazing February for the record books in Eastern North Carolina!

The following locations broke records for high temperatures on Wednesday, Feb. 22nd:

Greenville made it to 82-degrees slashing the record of 80-degrees.

Jacksonville hit 84-degrees knocking out the record of 81.

Kinston got to 84-degrees also kicking its record of 81-degrees to the curb.

And we can’t forget about New Bern tying its record of 82-degrees.

More records fell Thursday, Feb 23rd:

Greenville reached 85°, breaking the old record of 80° set back in 1975.

New Bern made it to 86°, setting the all time heat record for the month of February in Eastern N.C.

With temperatures heating up earlier than expected for this time of year, it’s no surprise that some plants are already starting to bloom, but don’t get too comfortable because there is still a chance we see at least one more freeze before winter is officially over.