Website tracks Santa’s Christmas Eve journey

WINTERVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – A website that tracks Santa’s journey on Christmas Eve allows children to stay involved.

WITN’s Merit Morgan spoke to some Eastern Carolina children and also caught up with the big man himself at Grounded, a Winterville coffee shop.

“I’m really excited, and I do believe in Santa because Santa brings presents to the house and then Santa tells my mom to wrap the presents,” said Ava Aiken, a Winterville resident.

On Christmas Eve, Santa will load up his sleigh and bring presents to children around the world. It takes a village to get that job done.

“He’s very nice to our pilots, and he slows down for us to be able to carry out our mission and to assist as required,” said NORAD Santa Tracker Lt. Gen. Alain Pelletier. Pelletier monitors the North American air space for threats, but Saturday night, his mission changes.

To stay up-to-date on Saint Nicholas’ journey, families can watch a radar that tracks Santa’s route.

“We use radars that are air-craft mounted or that are from the ground in order to actually detect sleighs, and given the size of Santa’s sleighs and the gifts on board, it provides us with a section to actually track him way early,” Pelletier explained.

For 67 years, NORAD has kept an eye on the man that keeps an eye on children all over the world. On Christmas Eve you can find out where Santa is by heading here or calling 1877 Hi-Norad.

“I’m excited for my friends to get a lot of toys, and I’m excited to find my house on Christmas and get presents,” said Alli Anderson, a Greenville resident.

Aiken is also looking forward to the Christmas cheer Christmas Eve and Christmas will bring. “Seeing smiles on everybody’s faces when they open up presents. Seeing people smile makes me happy,” she said. She added that she asked Santa for teeth this Christmas, as she showed off a gaping hole in the middle of her smile.

NORAD expects a team of volunteers to answer more than 150 calls on Christmas Eve.