Website ranks Jones County second in lowest cost of living in North Carolina

JONES COUNTY, N.C. (WITN) – If you’re looking for a new and affordable place to live in Eastern Carolina, Jones County should be on your list. A new ranking from Niche shows Jones County has the second lowest cost of living in the state.

“It is a good place to live,” Jones County resident Willie Wright said. “It’s quiet, there is no violence or crime. It’s good.”

According to Niche, Jones County is home to more than 9,000 people. Niche shows the county having an average home value of $115,400 with the average rent being $680.

While these numbers are well below the national averages, some homeowners said the cost of living still does not fit everyone’s budget.

“The economy has gone up and a lot of people can’t afford these houses that they have in Jones County,” Wright said.

Glenn Spivey is the town clerk for Trenton and has also been a volunteer firefighter for over 65 years. He said he’s seen a difference in the cost of living over the years.

“It has changed a lot from where we were in the 60′s to where we are now,” Spivey said.

After Hurricane Florence hit Jones County back in 2018, Spivey said many businesses shut down and homes were destroyed.

“We’ve had a lot of remodeling to do, a lot of rebuilding, but we’ve come back,” Spivey said.

Despite the challenges, the community agrees there is nowhere else they’d rather live.

“I wouldn’t trade it for a million dollars,” Spivey said.

According to Niche, the ranking takes into account many key factors including housing, food, fuel cost, and average tax rates. The rankings were based on data from the Consumer Price Index and the U.S. Census.