‘We believe in grace’: Tiny home given to Craven County man

CRAVEN COUNTY, N.C. (WITN) – A story about a tiny home is anything but a tiny gesture.

Kevin Smith, affectionately known as “Mr. Kevin,” was surprised by the news that organizations and community partners were going to begin funding tiny homes for certain people.

Smith, who suffers from Charcot neuroarthropathy, was selected as a recipient, as the funding is selected for those who have fallen on hard times while battling chronic illnesses, and those who are transitioning out of prison.

“I’m not supposed to be walking,” Smith said. “I’m not supposed to be standing. On the left foot, it’s not that difficult. But on my right foot, I have a major turn to the right.”

Since hearing the news that he was getting a home, Smith and Home Transitional Network Site Director Corey Purdie have been there every step of the way.

“When you look at a person, you’re looking at yourself,” Purdie said. “It’s only by grace, that’s what we believe in. We believe in grace across the board… not saying we’re perfect or whatever the case may be. But it’s only by grace that we all are in the position that we’re in, no matter what that position may be.”

Once finished, the home will be ADA-compliant for Smith.

And through the pain of his condition, Smith mustered the strength for one more thank you.

“Corey, I haven’t said this many times, but thank you so much,” Smith said. “You’ve been a godsend. You’ve done so much, and I appreciate it a lot. Thank you very much.”

Purdie responded with a similar sentiment. “I appreciate you.”

At least 20 different organizations partnered for the tiny home project.

AARP North Carolina presented Smith with a plaque to help dedicate the tiny home. The Home Transitional Network says it will enlist the help of community partners to help decorate the interior of the home after plumbing and construction are completed.

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