Water quality watchers say algae bloom in Stones Bay may be growing

ONSLOW COUNTY, N.C. (WITN) – Water quality advocates in Eastern Carolina say an algae bloom in Stones Bay appears to still be there and might actually be growing.

The Coastal Carolina Riverwatch says the red coloration in the attached photo, taken with the help of SouthWings, is the site of the algae bloom.

Positively, CCRW staff say there appears to be no signs of the bloom located in the Chadwick Bay area of Sneads Ferry, likely because it was washed out by the heavy rain this past weekend.

“Please continue being safe and away from bloom areas and smelly water,” Riley Lewis, White Oak waterkeeper says.

Lewis says CCRW is reporting the bloom and will continue to monitor the area.

CCRW has been monitoring algae blooms and fish kills in and around the lower New River since detecting two near the end of September.

Lisa Rider with the CCRW says the blooms are in the same general location and twice have been found as the same harmful algae species by their staff and UNCW.

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