WATCH: Video shows emotional return to work for Greenville officer shot in the line of duty

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – A Greenville Police Department officer returned to work Wednesday morning after being shot in the line of duty.

Video shows Officer Jeremiah Lovelace being received by a hallway of clapping colleagues on his first day back at work.

“We had a bunch of staff put together a hero walk for him because he is a hero,” said Greenville Police Chief, Ted Sauls.

Lovelace was shot three weeks ago while responding to what police said was a domestic violence call on Glendale Drive.

Arrest warrants obtained by WITN say Jonas Fucito is behind bars facing 21 charges of shooting the Lovelace, endangering two other officers, and the following 5-1/2 standoff with police.

Officials say Fucito is accused of threatening to kill and kidnap a woman and holding her 9-month-old baby hostage.

Lovelace was sent to ECU Health Medical Center after being shot with an Akkar 12-gauge shotgun, “lodging multiple projectiles in the victim’s arm.”

Sauls says he wasn’t shocked to see Lovelace return to work so quickly.

“There’s a lot to be said, he and I have even about when to reacclimate and should we reacclimate sooner,” Sauls said. “You assumed that he came back today and maybe was doing a desk job, but he actually came back in full uniform. I’ve heard him on the radio several times today doing what he does.”

Fucito has a lengthy criminal record. His most recent conviction was for assault/threat against a government official a year ago. Other convictions include identity thefts, vehicle thefts, and breaking and entering.

Officer Lovelace has been recovering at home and returned to work this morning.

Sauls says Lovelace still has some recovering to do, but is back to his full duties.

“Physically speaking, he will continue to have issues that he’ll address with the injury to one of his arms and we’ll continue to support him in that role,” Sauls said. “Today, he and I met privately; I shook his hand and I said man that hand felt strong. He said it’s good chief, I’m fine.”