Warrants detail ammo and guns found in home of Raleigh teen charged in mass shooting

RALEIGH, N.C. (WITN) -Search warrants are detailing what authorities discovered inside the home of the teen accused in the October 13th, 2022 shooting in the Hedingham area of Raleigh.

Austin Thompson, 16 years old, is charged in the shooting where five people were killed and two others injured.

The warrants say dozens of boxes of ammunition, multiple weapons and a letter describing his brother’s death were found in his home.

There were 170 boxes and bags of ammunition, 45 already empty, and at least 11 weapons, including three 12 gauge shotguns, five 22 caliber rifles and two 22 caliber pistols.

The warrant also describes a letter written by Austin describing how his brother James, one of the victims, was shot and then stabbed until he stopped breathing.

A potential trial date has been scheduled for Sept. 22, 2025.