Wahl-Coates Elementary awarded $96,920 grant for media center

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – A third elementary school in the East is given a grant for a media center expansion.

The Wahl-Coates Elementary School of the Arts in Grenville was awarded $96,920.47 by the James J. and Marnie Richardson Perkins Trust.

Coordinator Allison Edwards says they will use the funds to create a space called “Makerspace” where students can gather with others of similar interests to share ideas, work together, and to equip themselves with knowledge.

“We want our media center to transform from a place where students not only know the media center as a place to check out books, but as a place where they can learn, discover, grow and create,” Edwards said. “A key part of that process involves the opportunity to work collaboratively and we’re excited to be in a position to feature a space that students and staff can utilize to exchange thoughts, produce innovative conversations and learn from each other.”

This makes the third Pitt County elementary school given a grant by the James J. and Marnie Richardson Perkins Trust in the last twelve months.