Video of wooden arches collapsing over Hickory bridge released

HICKORY, N.C. (WBTV) – The City of Hickory has released video of the collapse of the two arches over the City Walk pedestrian bridge over Highway 27.

According to the city, Hickory officials reached out to businesses in the vicinity of the arches to see if any surveillance footage was available. Three videos were obtained and provided to contractors to assist in their investigation.

“The City is thankful that no one was hurt in this incident and looks forward to seeing the City Walk project through to completion,” city officials said in a news release.

Those arches collapsed in the early-morning hours of Feb. 18.

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A police report revealed that a vehicle crashed into debris from the arches right after they fell. The police report says the driver saw the arches collapse in front of him and had no reaction time to stop.

It was March of 2021 when crews raised the first arch, made of Douglas Fir and spanning 178 feet and 60 feet tall. It was set in place on the City Walk footbridge over four-lane Highway 127.

A second arch was put in place several weeks later.

The archway is a centerpiece in the two-mile-long City Walk that spans the city, with downtown Hickory’s Union Square in the middle.

City officials previously said the cost of the arches is approximately $752,743.66.

Adam Holcomb is the president of Dane Construction, the company who installed the arches.

Holcomb says the company didn’t have many challenges putting the arches up. While a crack did develop during installation, they don’t believe the crack played a role in the failure.

According to Holcomb, glue was used to make the repair to the crack.

Holcomb says wind may have been a contributing cause in the collapse, pointing to moving trees in the video. He also questions if it may have been a microburst.

Inspection teams were on site this past Saturday.

Holcomb called videos of the collapse “amazing” and says the company is devastated and shocked this happened. Dane Construction employees are reportedly devastated because of the collapse.

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