Veteran-owned businesses in Kinston to host Memorial Day celebrations

KINSTON, N.C. (WITN) – Memorial Day is right around the corner and celebrations are happening across the East. For the city of Kinston, the holiday is extra special for some veteran-owned businesses.

“Kinston is one of the better towns I’ve been in where I get thanked for my service more than anywhere, I’ve ever been in my life, and I don’t ask for that but at the same time, it’s appreciated. You get to know someone’s thinking about you,” says veteran, Billy Mclawhorn.

Though many may think of beach trips, cookouts, and family gatherings, some veteran-owned businesses in Kinston are giving back.

Danny Webb, Co-Owner of The Barrister Irish Pub says, “We’re doing a 3-3.5 mile ruck, followed by a toast, and we’re going to ring the bell and call out some of the names of the fallen.”

For one new, veteran-owned business in Kinston, this Memorial Day weekend will be extra special.

“Friday night is our kick-off for our grand opening,” David Mchenry, The Proof Owner.

The Proof will have live music, inflatables for kids, and more to raise money for a good cause.

“I know the veteran community is starting to get pretty tight and I feel like they need a lot of support in the local area. It’s all for a benefit for salute for veterans and the G.I. Joe’s Living History Museum,” Mchenry told WITN.

G.I. Joe’s Living History Museum is a museum that offers a safe haven for the ENC military community.

Stacy Heath, G.I. Joe’s Living History Museum Chairman of Salute says, “This is a place where, if they need answers then we try to find them for them. Just to have a place for companionship and people who understand what you’ve been through.”

The fundraiser’s proceeds will be going to the museum to continue its mission of serving veterans.

“Anything we can get to keep support. We do it for outreach. We want our fellow veterans to, when they get out, allow them to have a comfortable place to come and let them know that they do have family,” Heath told WITN.

Whether you’re a veteran looking for a cup of coffee and community, or even in need of help fighting PTSD, the museum offers a little for everyone, along with a brand new room designed to cater to those struggling with PTSD with hands-on video games to help.

For more information on the events happening at The Proof and The Barrister to raise money G.I. Joe’s Living History Museum, you can visit their websites.