USPS says they are ready for the holiday rush

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – The countdown to Christmas is under 20 days. But there’s one deadline that is 10 days away and it can make or break your holiday gift-giving plans.

The United States Postal Service and a local packaging franchise both said the earlier you send a package, the better, but if the perfect gift is found a little late, then you still have options.

For many, using mail delivery services is the best option if they can’t present the gift themselves… something Winterville resident Linda Rastatter has already been doing.

“Almost every day. It feels like that anyway,” Rastatter said with a chuckle.

She has sent out about a dozen packages to family and friends this year and hopes people pack kindness along with their gifts.

“Be kind, ya know, people are busy, everybody is busy. Everybody has a story and you don’t know where certain people may be coming from or what kind of day they are having so just be kind and be patient,” Rastatter said. “It does take a little bit of patience this time of year I think to get through with a smile.”

The United States Postal Service said they are ready for the holiday rush.

Communication Specialist Philip Bogenberger says USPS is two years into a 10-year Delivering to America plan that invests in the processing infrastructure and retail networks.

He says USPS has hired 28,000 seasonal workers and converted 100,000 employees from part-time to full-time employees. The company has installed 249 new high-speed packing sorting machines throughout the country.

“We are ready! There are 650,000 employees with the postal service whose favorite time of the year is this time,” Bogenberger said. “Because even though it’s our busiest time, it is also the most rewarding time… so we are ready!”

If the process of packing and shipping are overwhelming, there are resources like PostalAnnex that can help pack up your items and get them on their way. They have access to all carriers.

Owner Robin Taylor says billions of packages get shipped during the month of December.

“For one package to get lost is really not bad. The sad thing is if it’s your package, that’s what makes it bad,” Taylor said. “But we do a process here following up on it and truly, we have very few cases of that.”

If you happen to be the unlucky person that gets your package lost, contact the local mailing branch that sent it and they should be able to track it down.

Mailing deadlines for USPS are as follows:

  • Ground delivery: December 17
  • First class: December 19
  • Priority mail: December 21
  • Priority express mail: December 23