USDA inspection details concerns with care of tiger, camel at Tregembo Animal Park

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) – The attending veterinarian was not contacted by Tregembo Animal Park staff immediately after it was discovered a white tiger had a wound on her ear, a USDA inspection report states.

During a routine inspection of the zoo on Oct. 4, inspectors found that the tiger, Sasha, had an open wound that was about 1.5 inches long on her left ear.

“The facility states that they fly spray her ears regularly but had not contacted the (attending veterinarian) about the open wound on the ear,” according to the inspection report.

The inspection also found that a white camel had a closed eye with moderate tear staining.

“Daily observations of all animals and frequent communications with the (attending veterinarian) are important in minimizing pain and distress in the animals,” the inspection report states.

The inspection also noted that a serval was observed biting at numerous flies around it. While the report states that no breaches of the cat’s skin were noted, the serval was “exhibiting distress due to the numerous flies.”

“Excessive amounts of flies can cause distress and injury to an animal,” the report states. “Per this section, a safe and effective program for the control of insects, ectoparasites and avian and mammalian pests shall be established and maintained. Additional fly control measures were implemented prior to the conclusion of this inspection.”

The park also was cited for violations earlier this year.

According to the Feb. 2 inspection report, park officials failed to notify a veterinarian that a 17-year-old pot-bellied pig named Kim was demonstrating lameness in both rear limbs.

Other violations noted in the February report included “structurally unsound enclosures” that could pose injury or escape risks for animals, as well as eight puzzle feeders for primates that were “coated in brown debris.”

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