UPDATE: Here’s the latest on WITN’s efforts to address DIRECTV issues

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – We’re working hard to get to the bottom of issues experienced by our DIRECTV customers.

Here is the latest update we have on this situation, and know that we will continue to aggressively work towards getting this corrected.

• We are actively trying to work with DIRECTV to get this issue identified and resolved. This issue is only impacting DIRECTV customers.

• The signal that we send to DIRECTV is the same one that we send to all our cable and satellite providers apart from Optimum, however, we are seeing errors that are outside of our specifications.

• We are communicating with DIRECTV’s Network Operations Center in an effort to identify and resolve these errors.

• This week we have ordered replacement equipment and scheduled a tower crew to inspect both towers, to try and identify what is causing this issue.

• We have also had numerous other vendors involved to determine the source of these issues, but nothing has been identified as problematic yet. We continue to aggressively work towards correcting this disruption.

We apologize for this user experience and know that this will remain a top priority until all is resolved.