Three years without, ENC town finally getting grocery store

GRIFTON, N.C. (WITN) – One Eastern Carolina town is getting a grocery store after three years of going without one.

A grocery store is finally opening up on the corner of Gordon and Queen streets in downtown Grifton.

The store shelves are empty now – but soon – they will be stocked full of items that haven’t been seen in years in Grifton, after flooding from Hurricane Matthew closed the last grocery store.

“We’re just country folks; we don’t like the big towns, and it really hurt us when the Piggly Wiggly left from here, but I can understand with the flooding that we have around here, but we really need something back,” said Mary Tripp, a Grifton resident.

That something will be the Food Pride grocery store that’s opening up. The store owner says they hope to open for business next month and that the store will bring fresh food opportunities to what some call a food desert in the town.

“I would say it would be classified as a food desert. You know a lot of our population is elderly and don’t have the means to travel much, so this means they can actually walk to the store or get a ride to the store and get back quickly,” said Mark Warren, Grifton interim town manager.

As for the employees, they say they are just as excited as the community members.

“I’m looking forward to working here so I can get to know the people in our community, and it’s just been an adventure so far and looking forward to what’s ahead,” said Katrina Swinston, Food Pride employee.

The new grocery store is being built several blocks from any flood-prone zones and the store owner said if everything goes according to plan, they will open up by Christmas of this year.

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