Three sites fail ENC swim guide standards this week

WASHINGTON, N.C. (WITN) – More than 50 recreational sites are checked weekly by Sound Rivers volunteers, and this week, three of them failed.

According to Sound Rivers program director, Clay Barber, the sites that failed the test this week are Upper Broad Creek at Black Beard Sailing Club, Slocum Creek in Havelock, and Havens Gardens on the Pamlico River in Washington.

Notably, Plum Point in Bath was not tested this week.

“A Swim Guide fail means elevated levels of fecal bacteria in the water, which can come with increased risk of gastrointestinal illness and skin infections for pets and humans alike,” said Barber.

Swim Guide is an international water-quality program conducted locally by Sound Rivers to keep North Carolina’s waterways fishable, swimmable and drinkable.

Sound Rivers’ staff test samples for E. coli in fresh water and enterococci in salt water and pass/fail results are released to the public, providing an easy way to find out where it’s safe to swim.

For more information on Sound Rivers and the Swim Guide program, visit here.