Third annual college and career fair held for Martin County schools

MARTIN COUNTY (WITN) -Students in one Eastern Carolina County were able to explore different life path options they could pursue after graduating high school.

Martin County schools gave students the chance to learn more at Wednesday’s college and career fair.

Booths dedicated to different colleges and career fields filled the room at Martin County Schools’ college and career fair.

The event gave students the chance to come out and explore options for the future.

Sean Staley, a graduating senior, says that after today, his ideas for the future might change.

“After this I was really, just got to do community college and end there and now I’m starting to think about going to a normal university. This is really eye opening, “says Staley.

Staley says he was not expecting this many jobs and colleges to come out for the event.

He says he’s glad to know people in the area have a lot of options.

Jason Wynne, Martin County Schools’ career development coordinator, says he’s happy the fair has been growing more and more each year.

“You know we are in a smaller rural area but now they get to see outside of the box. They get to see things that can be exposed to the area within businesses that they may not have known about. This could help develop career pathways and something may spark their interest and that could carry them further in their career path,” says Wynne.

Wynne states he’s happy he can make an impact in students’ lives when it comes to planning for the future.

Another senior, Alyssa Cobb, recommends more students attend these types of events.

“It is very important that you do go. This is a very good opportunity guys and you wouldn’t want to miss it,” says Cobb.

This is the third year the school district has hosted the event.