The 48th annual Martin County 4-H show

MARTIN COUNTY, N.C. (WITN) -A livestock show in one Eastern Carolina county gave kids and teens the chance to learn about the responsibilities needed to raise and own farm animals.

Squeals and oinks of delight filled the room at the 48th annual Martin County 4-H livestock show and sale Thursday as dedicated children from around the county showed hogs, goats, and lambs.

Have you ever wondered what a goat wears on a Thursday? Well, some got a little dressed up as part of the 48th annual Martin County 4-H livestock show and sale at the Williamston Farmers Market.

Livestock agent Andy Burlingham says, “Young people who are showing and exhibiting hogs, sheep, and goats today. They have had this project since early February where they have raised, trained, and fed this animal and worked with it. They groomed it and had it ready to present today at the show,” says Burlingham.

Donna Manning has been attending this event with her family for 15 years. She says the livestock show has been a great experience for her two boys.

“It really becomes a community event and they make friends here every year. So it’s just one of those uplifting things they look forward to each year,” says Manning.

The show’s purpose is to teach children about the responsibilities that come with raising and owning an animal. It also teaches them a valuable lesson about finances as they buy and sell hogs, sheep, and goats.

Anna Parnell participated in the show and says, “It’s a great learning experience and gives a lot of responsibility and leadership skills,” says Parnell.

Along with the hog, lamb, and goat showings – a costume class featured children and their goats dressed up as everything from a spider to a dinosaur.

Parnell exhibited the 2023 grand champion goat at last year’s event. Awards were presented followed by the livestock sale.