Tennessee Walker horse gets brutally attacked by dogs

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – For Jerry Meadows, a horse farm owner in Jones County, Wednesday morning was like any other day, until his daughter-in-law sensed commotion in the pasture behind their house.

Meadows said two pit bulls came from the wood line behind their property and attacked one of his horses from both the front and back.

“They concentrated their efforts on this horse, magic, and so she broke out of the pasture,” Meadows described.

Magic suffered gruesome wounds on her legs, chest, and stomach.

Meadows said he grabbed his gun and was able to kill one of the attacking dogs, but the other got away.

After the attack magic was barely able to walk which raised more concerns from Meadows.

“If they could do this to a grown horse, that is 16 hands plus high, and they stayed there and kept attacking her until she was on the ground, what could it do to a person?” Meadows said.

He said he wanted to speak out about what happened to Magic so that others in the community are aware that dogs like these are out there.

“There’s got to be some type of restraint or restriction with these types of dogs and keep them under control,” Meadows added.

Tom Labuda, the animal crimes investigator at the Jones County Sheriff’s Office, says animal-to-animal attacks can be handled by property owners and that they can kill the animal if necessary.

Jones County does not have an animal control department.

Meadows says his neighbors also raised the same concern after dogs on the loose got aggressive on their property.

Magic is getting regularly treated by the vet.