Teacher of the Week: Chrissy Taylor

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – WITN’s Teacher of the Week is a high school teacher from Onslow County. Meet Chrissy Taylor.

Taylor is the EC Adaptive Teacher and assistant coach for girls’ and boys’ soccer and swim teams at Swansboro High School.

Taylor grew up in Onslow County, graduated from White Oak High School, and for the last 22 years, she has been an educator.

Both inside and outside the classroom, Taylor says she wants to teach life lessons – managing time, filtering priorities, and adaptability.

In her classroom, Taylor says she and her co-workers teach their students with disabilities life skills they can take beyond graduation with a program called “Crafty Pirate Creations.”

Her students run a coffee shop twice a week. Taylor says her students take orders, prepare the cups of coffee, and serve it to teachers and staff to make money.

But that’s not all, Taylor and her students also run a vinyl letter company. They make wood products, coffee mugs, and lettering to sell at school-based enterprise craft fairs and other craft fairs they attend.

Her students are with her through all four years of high school, and she is in touch with graduated students.

Taylor says she enjoys seeing when the light bulb pops on after her students and athletes learn a new concept, interacting, and building a relationship with them throughout their four years.