Teacher of the Week: Adrienne Ringstaff

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – WITN’s Teacher of the Week is Adrienne Ringstaff, a 5th-grade teacher at Comfort Elementary School in Jones County.

Ringstaff, the current Teacher of the Year, is in her 11th year teaching 5th grade, but she’s only been in Jones County for two years.

She believes most classrooms and the students who fill them are a reflection of the teacher, and Ringstaff says that is 100% true of her classroom.

She loves bright colors, silly songs, and challenging creativity by giving simple tasks with little direction to see the leaders and learners flourish.

Ringstaff believes it is valuable for students to relate classroom learning to the world around them. So, she incorporated her training for a half marathon into the classroom with lessons and activities. She says she shares pictures and stories to expose them to different experiences just to let them know she likes doing things outside of the classroom and doesn’t want a ton of homework like them!

Ringstaff hopes when students leave her classroom, they will continue to foster relationships with others and have fun while learning new things.

She tries to instill life-long learning and promote family and community building with school activities with her students.

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