Surf City installs coastline safety stations

SURF CITY, N.C. (WITN) -The Surf City Fire Department has taken proactive steps to enhance beach safety stations along the coast for beachgoers during the summer months.

Public Beach Access points in Surf City will now feature these safety stations, a development welcomed by locals and tourists alike.

“I am enjoying the beach today with my three sisters from Missouri,” said Winnia Brooks.

The Surf City Fire Department collaborated with the Jack Helbig Memorial Foundation, Charlie Medlin, and fellow Scouts from Troops 777 in Surf City to bring this project to fruition. Chief Allen Wilson of the Surf City Fire Department highlighted the importance of such stations, especially in light of past incidents.

“A lot of times our deaths are from innocent bystander rescuers,” said Chief Wilson. “They get there and have trouble too.”

The safety stations will provide crucial information to beachgoers, including ocean condition flag descriptions, water conditions, emergency procedures, station locations, and rescue floatation devices.

“Our ocean rescue swimmers cannot be everywhere,” Chief Wilson emphasized. “If we could just provide one person with a little more information to be able to identify a risk, then that is worth it to us.”

Erin Klepis, another visitor on the beach, expressed appreciation for the flag system, noting its role in enhancing safety awareness.

“I like the flag system,” said Klepis. “It is ingenious because otherwise, we wouldn’t know how the water is.”

Chief Wilson said that 11 out of the 39 planned stations are currently operational, with the remainder expected to be up in a few weeks pending delivery of signs.

Additionally, each safety station features a QR code that can be scanned to provide information about water conditions in the area.