Studies show employees prefer businesses taking clear stances on social issues.

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – Traditionally, businesses have tried to maintain their neutrality when it comes to social issues. However, with the increasing volume of it in today’s society, the majority of American workers prefer their employer to take a clear stance on social issues, according to a new study by

Pirates Deli is a small local business in Greenville with a total of five employees.

Mohamed Khaled says eight months ago, he chose this workplace for a specific reason.

“It reminds me of back home in New York. It reminds me of the bodegas down there, and it feels like home too,” Khaled explained.

Khaled says his political, racial, and religious beliefs are supported in the workplace and that motivated him to stay longer.

“My boss supports whatever we think and he got our back. He’s that guy. He helps us out if we have any questions. He’s a good boss. I’m working here forever, you know. Just give me a bed. I’ll sleep here too if they want,” Khaled said.

According to’s study involving more than one thousand U.S. workers, the majority, 75%, say they want employers to take a clear stance on social issues.

Also, 25% of the employees have become more loyal to their companies since they made their positions clear.

Among all topics, companies’ anti-racism policies and pro-environment stances had the most support from workers.

Manager Ryan Cordon is outspoken about his beliefs, and the employees say they also feel comfortable doing so.

Cordon says everyone’s’ beliefs are supported in the workplace, no matter their differences.

“They are very religious people here and I am not like that at all so they respect my beliefs and I respect their beliefs and we don’t try to push each other in any direction,” Cordon said.