Storm causes large oak tree to fall on Chocowinity man’s barn while he was inside

CHOCOWINITY, N.C. (WITN) -It started as a day with the potential for some severe storms in Eastern Carolina and while most areas didn’t see any significant damage, there was one resident in Chocowinity who witnessed the unexpected within minutes when a tree fell on his barn Monday.

What remains of a large old oak tree could be seen laying on top of a small barn and two vehicles at the home of John Olin in Chocowinity, after stormy weather conditions moved through and left behind unforeseen damage during the afternoon hours.

“I was watching ENC at Three, waiting on WITN First at Four to come on when all of a sudden boom,” Olin said.

Olin was inside the barn at the time and says he walked outside to see limbs and branches scattered across his yard, but the bulk of the damage was done to his truck, car, and beloved barn.

Some would say that it’s quite ironic for a tree to fall on Olin’s property, seeing that he’s spent many years doing a variety of tree work.

“I’ve been rattled doing tree work before, I’ve just never had it come to me like this,” Olin said.

The cleanup is now on for Olin as he works to get most of the tree cut down before a crew comes Tuesday to assess things, but he fears the barn could suffer more structural damage if he doesn’t get the tree removed.

“With all of that weight on the barn, if it’s not gone by 12 p.m. tomorrow that barn will come down,” Olin said. “The weight will take the barn down, it’s a miracle of God that it’s still standing right now.”

Olin says he believes the tree was already rotted and the wind helped blow it down.

Olin also says he’s grateful he wasn’t hurt while inside the barn at the time of the storm.