Stop light put up at Oxford Road Bridge causing more frustration for Brook Valley residents

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) -Frustrated residents in an Eastern Carolina city are speaking out about the progress being made on a deteriorating bridge near their neighborhood.

Brook Valley resident Ray Kilpatrick says traffic has been an everyday issue for him and his fellow neighbors ever since the city of Greenville closed the bridge on Oxford Road.

“I feel like an explanation at least,” Kilpatrick said. “If progress needs to be made keep us posted so we know what to do and can change up for that.”

The bridge was shut down in January after a report by the North Carolina Department of Transportation, showed that some concrete rebars were exposed and some spans supporting the bridge settled two inches, ultimately causing the bridge to deteriorate over time.

DOT opened one lane of Oxford Road allowing people to only leave Brook Valley onto East 10th street but not enter the neighborhood, which Kilpatrick says has been a struggle for everyone.

“If you have to be at work at a certain time and you have to go all the way around town, it throws a monkey wrench in things,” Kilpatrick said.

The city tried to mitigate the current traffic issues by putting up a stop light near the bridge for people entering and leaving the neighborhood, which Kilpatrick says happened Wednesday morning.

However, like many others, he believes it won’t change anything due to the fact that one side of the bridge will remain closed until the DOT begins work in the fall.

“It’s definitely a thorn, but what can we do about it,” Kilpatrick said. “We’re at the mercy of the city.”

The city says there’s no work currently being done on the bridge by the DOT. Kilpatrick says he doesn’t know if the stop light will help calm things until work begins in the fall.

The DOT estimates that it will cost more than $1.5 million to replace the span.