State Supreme Court orders legislature to transfer funds for Leandro education plan

RALEIGH, N.C. (WRAL) – The North Carolina Supreme Court issued an order Friday upholding a lower-court decision ordering the General Assembly to transfer funds for a massive state public education improvement plan.

WRAL is reporting that the order — a major step in the long-running Leandro education funding lawsuit — sends the case back to a trial court, which is expected to recalculate how much money that should be.

The Leandro Plan is an agreement between school boards and the state intended to fix what the high court said was broken with the state’s education system.

The plan, which is the result of a years-long legal battle over the issue, is known in court as the “comprehensive remedial plan.” It calls for at least $5.6 billion in new, annual education spending by 2028 to shore up school resources, as well as numerous policy changes concerning school improvement and accountability.

The order issued Friday applies to the second and third years of the plan, which originally called for $1.75 billion, before the most recent state budgets partially funded elements of the plan.

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