State officials opens opportunity to support endangered/nongame wildlife

RALEIGH, N.C. (WITN) – State wildlife officials are inviting North Carolinians to donate a portion of their state tax refund toward their Wildlife Fund.

The North Carolina Wildlife Resource Commission’s Nongame and Endangered Wildlife Fund goes to support species that call North Carolina home. Contributions will go to support research and conservation projects, according to the commission.

“Funds donated using the tax-checkoff program amplify those provided by a federal grant for species of greatest conservation need (SGCN) in North Carolina,” said Sara Schweitzer, assistant chief of the Wildlife Management Division. “A $100 donation is matched by $186 in grants—truly boosting SGCN conservation in North Carolina. Our biologists and agency partners are working around the clock to enhance habitat and populations like wetlands for gopher frogs, salamanders and turtles. The support is more than matched and makes this conservation possible!”

Successful projects in the past from this program can be found in the Wildlife Diversity Program’s quarterly report.

Those who are interested can participate by checking line 30 on the North Carolina state income tax form, or through online software, and entering their contribution under “N.C. Nongame and Endangered Wildlife Fund”.

Those who do not get a refund but still want to contribute can do so through the Fund’s website.