State and local election officials urge voters to participate in the upcoming primary

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – State Board of Election officials say now is the time for voters to decide how, where, and when they will cast their ballots, in hopes of getting better results than the recent municipal elections.

“Strong turnout for not only the upcoming primary but also the general election,” said Karen Brinson Bell from the State Board of Election.

Absentee ballot requests can be done starting this Friday through the absentee ballot portal found on the State Board of Election’s website. Once you have requested your absentee ballot, you can track its status from printed to accepted by signing up online for status notifications through BallotTrax. BallotTrax will be available 30 days before each election in 2024.

Photo I.D. is required to vote. While many voters will simply use their North Carolina state-issued driver’s license for I.D., officials say there are accommodations in place for those who need to be able to use something other than a license.

Some of these ways include having exemption forms ready for those who did not bring a photo ID, having various forms of acceptable ID, and providing free IDs at the county board of elections or the DMV.

Sydney Rogers says she learned the voter registration process in her sociology class at ECU, which helped her get involved, and she says it is important for young voters like her to go out and vote in this election.

“Everyone’s got different opinions and no matter what that is, it’s important to have that heard and if you want to have changes made, you need to make your vote count,” Rogers said.

The same motivation is shared with Butch Hassell, who is 81 years old and has been registered to vote since he was 18.

“My wife and I, we always go vote and if she votes for somebody different than mine, that’s fine. that’s her privilege. it’s doing what you should do,” Hassell said.