Staffing/supply chain shortages impact nonprofits

JACKSONVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – The trickle-down effects of supply chain and staffing shortages are now impacting fundraising and volunteer efforts for nonprofits.

“You have less volunteers because people don’t want to expose themselves and get sick from COVID, but we grow in numbers of people we need to feed because of COVID,” Lisa Heavilin, of Onslow County United Way said.

United Way typically holds its annual Vine and Dine fundraiser to support local vendors and raise funds for outreach programs, but many vendors weren’t able to participate this year.

“It’s a pretty heavy financial burden for us to go ahead and do this,” Brewed Downtown part-owner Michelle Smith said. “So we just didn’t feel like with the high prices of things, the lack of availability, that we could really continue on with that.”

Smith says shipment shortages and inflation for products have caused prices for food at her restaurant to increase 30%, significantly decreasing her business’ profit margin.

The United Way Onslow County is holding a lip sync battle fundraiser on Friday at 6 p.m. at Limelight in Jacksonville to continue to help soften the blow of the Vine and Dine being canceled.

Members of the community, like Jacksonville native Deunta Williams, will be among the contestants in the event.

“I love this community. I was from here. I’m a product of here,” Williams said.

Those who attend will also be able to vote for their favorite contestant and participate in a silent auction.

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