St. Patrick’s Day impacts Eastern Carolina businesses

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – With St. Patrick’s Day celebrations underway, it’s also a holiday that gives several local businesses a much-needed boost.

It wasn’t even noon yet and St. Patrick’s Day Celebrators took over Christy’s in Greenville.

Though partying it up with a few friends is fun, ECU Senior CJ James says he’s also out and about to celebrate his culture.

“Yeah I am Irish actually,” James said. “My mom’s great-grandmother is a first-generation Irish person so we’re good to go. I can celebrate the holiday as it should be.”

Meanwhile, Bridgette Uvalle, who’s also Irish, is celebrating her wedding anniversary.

“I’m just Irish because my grandfather came from Ireland,” Uvalle said. “Because of that, we decided to get married on St. Patrick’s day.”

While folks are celebrating for different reasons, bartenders are excited for a boost in their paycheck.

They were too busy to talk, but across the street, Angus Grill waitress Lauren Freeman, says she was looking forward to getting some extra green.

“I think people spend a lot of money when they drink a lot,” Freeman said. “I think people are happier today in general. And with the whole luck thing and pot of gold, people tend to tip a lot more.”

If you plan on drinking tonight, remember to plan a safe trip home and if you see a drunk driver dial *-H-P or 9-1-1.

According to the Census Bureau, roughly 31.5 million U.S. residents claim Irish heritage, second only to German.