Sports Spotlight: Starting small and working to big achievements sees Ayden-Grifton wrestling captain Peebles hit 100-win mark

AYDEN, N.C. (WITN) – It’s high school wrestling season and it’s about a quarter of the way through. One area wrestler hit a big milestone this week and it’s been his work and leadership for Ayden-Grifton that has made him special. We feature Bailor Peebles in our Pepsi Sports Spotlight.

“I’ve always been on the smaller end of things. Not always being the strongest guy but just working on perfecting the skills part of things,” says Ayden-Grifton senior Bailor Peebles, “Master that one thing. You don’t always have to be the biggest guy to do the biggest things.”

Bailor Peebles plays baseball and wrestles at Ayden-Grifton not your usual combination of sports.

“Wrestling definitely helps on the mental side of things like being aggressive,” says Peebles, “A lot of failure. You are going to fail on the baseball field but failure on the baseball field is a lot different than wrestling. It’s a lot on your body but it definitely helps me in shape and everything.”

Peebles has played baseball since he was very young but wrestling came to him in seventh grade. He joined the varsity as a freshman.

“I was a little guy. I was wrestling the smallest weight class,” says Bailor, “I was definitely new to things. Coach Wooten helped me out. Kept on working and slowly just getting bigger and stronger.”

Now he wrestles at 132 pounds but his growth has not only come in his physical size.

“He’s a leader and he has been a leader,” says Ayden-Grifton Head Coach Jeff Wooten, “He has continued to grow as a leader. He has been our captain since his sophomore year.”

Peebles skills have helped him to a regional title and two state meet appearances.

“Best mentality wins it,” says Peebles, “It take a lot of hard work to get there.”

He reached the 100-win milestone this week. a big achievement for any wrestler.

“It means a lot, big accomplishment,” says Bailor.

“It’s motivation for the young kids, it’s motivation for the older kids,” says Wooten, “Because you know if that kid has got 100 wins he is doing something pretty good.”

Peebles also has shown the little guy can do big things on the baseball field.

“Never see him get rattled,” says Wooten, “Comes in every day on time, works hard, has good grades in school, just an all around good kid.”

His hard work earned him a spot with the North Carolina Wesleyan baseball program committing earlier this fall.

“Took a lot of stress off,” says Peebles, “and it has always been a dream of mine to go play college baseball.”