Sports Spotlight: Cousin 1,000 point scorers Baker and Matheka lead Mariners to fifth straight conference title

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – We typically feature individuals, ocassionally we have done teams, but this week it’s the two-headed monster from East Carteret. Shamel Baker and Charles Matheka have dominated the basketball court togther for four varsity seasons. We feature them in our Pepsi Sports Spotlight.

What started as a fierce rivalry at a young age…

“Pre-K we used to play basketball as a class all the time,” says East Carteret senior Shamel Baker, “get in arguments and stuff.”

“I told my mom one time there is this kid at school who was messing with me. She was like I’m going to come see who it is,” says East Carteret senior Charles Matheka, “She was like that is your cousin.”

It has turned East Carteret cousins Shamel Baker and Charles Matheka into brothers.

“Wherever I am, he is. Wherever he is, I am,” says Baker, “If you see us we always together. “

“You can’t get closer than that as a friendship. Family you know,” says Matheka.

The duo both play guard pushing one another to get better.

“He’s taught me how to get inside better. I’ve taught him some shooting, passing stuff,” says Charles.

“I could shoot but I couldn’t shoot as good as I do now,” says Shamel, “I worked on my three ball.”

Both Baker and Matheka have been on the Mariners varsity since freshman year. Shamel an immediate hit.

“I think he averaged like 18 his freshman year,” says East Carteret head coach Daniel Griffee, “Been averaging 23 and 25 the last two years.”

Matheka had to grow a bit… which he did in size and game.

“The thing with him with his growth his skill set never depreciated, it always got better,” says Griffee.

Both cousins have hit 1,000 point milestones in their careers. Baker is less than 100 points away from 2,000.

“If you think I am shooting too much, tell me. I will get you as many points as you want. I don’t care,” says Matheka.

“I never imagined scoring 2,000 points really,” says Baker, “It would be a huge milestone for me.”

Joined at the hip they have now led East Carteret to conference championship every year of high school.

“If it is not going right, they take the heat for everybody,” says Griffee, “If it is going right, they take the joy. They spread it out. They are so unselfish. They love to see their teammates do better, they love to bring everybody together and they have done that since Sophomore year.”

They both have earned conference player of the year and the Mariners two-headed monster hopes to bring that success to whatever college program will take them.

“Gone on some visits together. Coaches have talked about getting us to come together,” says Matheka, “I just hope I can play with him next year.”

“If we can we hope can play together,” says Baker, “You know we’ll play anywhere.”