Sports fans in the east celebrate as mobile sports betting begins in North Carolina

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – With mobile sports betting becoming legal we wanted to hear from people here in the east who may be testing it out.

Sports fans across North Carolina are celebrating, as mobile sports betting went live Monday at noon in the state.

“It’s just fun to bet and it’s definitely a skill if anything and a lot of people don’t understand and so it’s good to see your analytics and stuff pay off and you can win money so it’s fun,” ECU Student, Cameron Wad says.

ECU student Garrison Miller says he’s placed sports bets in the past and is excited about what this means for the future of sports fandom.

“I look forward to seeing what happens with how the new sports meeting landscape looks now that it is legal in North Carolina,” Miller Says.

Angus Grill in Greenville has upgraded its Wi-Fi for customers who want to come in and watch a game and place bets. They also will be making some additions.

I have been informed by our GM that some of the owners and investors are looking to get more TVs in here so we can house a little more of the gamblers that do come in that can watch what’s going on,” Kim Passchal said.

Passchal says they’re hoping the legalization will bring more customers in as well.

ECU students we talked to also mentioned that they prefer betting on their phones instead of in person because it’s much more convenient.

North Carolina is also the 38th state in the country to legalize sports wagering.