Special prosecutor says no charges against deputy in death of Dare County man

DARE COUNTY, N.C. (WITN) – Prosecutors say there will be no charges in a deputy involved shooting last year on the Outer Banks.

Special Prosecutor Chuck Spahos made that announcement today in the October 3rd death of Sylvester Selby.

The 44-year-old Selby was killed when authorities say he came at Dare County Deputy Edward Glasser III and Manteo Sgt. Duwayne Gibbs armed with a knife.

Selby was suspected of trespassing in a home on Burnside Road at the time.

The D.A. says officer’s body camera video showed Selby with a large knife in his hand. Gibbs told Selby to put the knife down, but the man started running toward the officer with the knife still in hand.

The report says Glasser also told the man to put the knife down, he didn’t and continued to run toward Gibbs. Spahos says Glasser then fired one shot, hitting Selby in the torso.

Selby, according to the D.A., fell to the ground and was ordered not to get up. “Within seconds, Mr. Selby is on his hands and knees, leaps to his feet, and lunges at Deputy Glasser.” The D.A. says Glasser, who was trying to back away, fired two more shots at the man, killing him.

Sgt. Gibbs told the SBI that Glasser saved his life that night.