Spay Today to transition to Pitt County Government this summer

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – County commissioners have approved the donation of the building and surgical equipment from a local nonprofit spay/neuter clinic that voluntarily closed in May to Pitt County Animal Services.

Spay Today, Inc. closed May 31 after providing spay and neuter services since 2006.

The clinic closed after being unable to find a new vet.

The nonprofit’s board of directors unanimously voted to donate Spay Today’s building and surgical equipment to Pitt County Animal Services to continue spay and neuter services for shelter animals. The nonprofit had been the shelter’s main clinic since 2016.

Pitt County commissioners approved Pitt County Animal Services Director Chad Singleton’s request to accept this donation and bring the spay/neuter services in-house at their June 17 meeting.

“The building and equipment are subject to inspection by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture prior to performing surgeries in-house. The anticipated completion of the transition is by July 31, 2024,” says Singleton, Director.

Animal Services currently sets aside $145,000.00 in its budget for veterinary services from Spay Today, according to the county. Along with spay/neuter services, those include vet consultations on shelter animals. The county says it anticipates these funds will cover operational costs.

County commissioners also approved Animal Services entering a contractual agreement with Dr. Krystal Riggione to provide part-time surgical services, training and consultation. The department’s headcount will also be increased so a full-time veterinary technician who will help with surgical procedures can be hired.

Animal Services predicts 25 surgeries will be performed each week to meet current demand.

“Pitt County is grateful for the strong partnership that we have had over the years with Spay Today. I look forward to a smooth transition as we continue our commitment to control pet overpopulation and provide the best care for animals in Pitt County’s Shelter,” says Pitt County Manager Janis Gallagher.