Spay Today in Greenville ceases operations after 20 years

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – It’s an emotional time for everyone who supports Spay Today’s mission, as the future of the nonprofit in Greenville is uncertain. The organization has closed its doors and ceased surgeries after nearly 20 years in operation.

“It’s heartbreaking,” said Ayden resident Carolyn Fielder.

Spay Today was unsuccessful in efforts to find a new vet.

“We looked at other options of trying to bring some relief vets in to give us a little bit more time, and that was not working out either,” said Gayle Bailey, a Board of Directors member.

Many worry about the impact on animal overpopulation.

“Our shelters are full, our rescues are full, there is nowhere to go. People are dumping their animals on back roads and in parking lots,” Fielder said.

Pitt County Animal Services used Spay Today for all their adopted animals. While there is a temporary solution, it’s limited.

“They’re bringing a veterinarian in on Tuesdays just to do the shelter animals and using our facilities,” said Bailey.

Bailey emphasized their commitment to the mission. “We would basically be fundraising and helping low-income families with spay-neuter services, community programs, and assisting other animal facilities and the TNR program in Pitt County.”

The community is rallying around the cause.

“We may not be the ones actually operating the clinic or facility, but as a community, we can come together with ideas,” Bailey said.

While nothing is set in stone for Spay Today and the low-cost surgeries, the next board meeting will continue the planning process for the nonprofit’s future.

Bailey also mentioned that the animal shelter would soon take over the Spay Today facility and perform surgeries for their adopted animals.