Southwest Airlines flight makes emergency landing after severe turbulence injures 2

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE/Gray News) – A Southwest Airlines flight had to make an emergency landing on Wednesday.

WVUE reports that a Southwest flight traveling from New Orleans to Orlando, Florida, was forced to make an emergency landing in Tampa, Florida, due to severe turbulence.

According to an airline spokesperson, the flight captain declared an emergency and diverted the aircraft from its scheduled route.

Paramedics were on standby as the flight landed at Tampa International Airport.

Two women — a flight attendant and a passenger — were taken to the hospital for treatment upon landing, the airline spokesperson said. The extent of their injuries was not immediately disclosed.

Mechanics were inspecting the aircraft after the emergency landing and Southwest said it was assisting passengers with alternate travel arrangements.

“With our apologies for their delayed journey, there is no priority higher than the safest operation of every flight,” the spokesperson added.