Small businesses deal with supply chain backlog on Cyber Monday

CARTERET COUNTY, N.C. (WITN) – Cyber Monday’s traditional e-commerce push is becoming more popular all year round.

“With COVID and stuff like that, a lot of people are still scared of it or more prone to getting it and it is an option for them to feel safer while shopping,” Carson Walker, Apricot Lane Boutique manager said.

The option to buy online grew when business owners were forced to figure out ways to sell items while their doors were closed.

“If you did not have a website, you got yourself a website. If you did not have the ability to sell goods or services online, you got that ability,” Tom Kies, Carteret County chamber of commerce president said.

Whether you’re choosing to shop in the store or online this holiday season, boutiques in Eastern Carolina are dealing with supply chain issues either way.

Monkee’s of Morehead City boutique owner Beth Radford said some things have caught up.

“We have had a little bit of trouble getting our Monkee’s bag in with our logos. So we just had to use some plain black bags for a little while… now that seems to have corrected itself because we just got a shipment in this weekend,” Radford said.

Radford said she is, however, nervous about the time leading up to the gift-giving season.

Kies saw that many people shopped early this year.

“The way I think is Black Friday and Cyber Monday started way back in October. People were already shopping for the holidays and they could do it online or they could do it in person,” Kies said.

Ultimately, retailers are hopeful they have enough inventory to get them through.

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