Shiver me Timbers! Residents enjoy PirateFest in Downtown Greenville

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – Ahoyyy matees it’s that time of year again in the East… PirateFest is here!

Sword fighting and cannon balls flying is what you can expect to see at the pirate fest…

This festival has been happening for about 20 years and Steve Wetzel told me he always looks forward to coming to this pirate-filled day..

“Just to have everyone back, you know after COVID shut everything down and everyone is back having fun and we are just all pirates,” says Wetzel.

This spirited event brought the Greenville community together and attendee Abigail Moreno said she likes to know that Greenville throws these fun events..

“It is nice to see the community all get together, you know. Yeah, football games are good in all but you know just the whole community coming out, it’s really good” says Moreno.

Pirates can be seen roaming around downtown Greenville but not just talking about the ECU pirates..

Captain Davy Vain said he loves to see people enjoying the pirate life…

“Just living the life of a pirate everybody loves that life,” says Vain.