Sheriff expects to have 12 deputy school resource officers hired for the 2024-2025 Beaufort County school year

BEAUFORT COUNTY, N.C. (WITN) -A school system and sheriff’s office in the east, will soon be partners again after three years, as deputies are preparing to serve as their school resource officers again.

The Beaufort County Board of Education and Sheriff Scott Hammonds continue to work closely in preparation for their long-awaited partnership renewal as the sheriff’s office will once again serve as the primary resource officers for the school system.

“We’re excited that they’ll likely have everyone in position starting July 1st and just get our partnership back together,” said Beaufort County Schools Superintendent, Matthew Cheeseman.

Hammonds has to have 12 deputy SROs hired for the start of the 2024-2025 school calendar year to present in a memorandum of understanding or MOU to the board at their April 1st meeting.

During Tuesday’s Board of Education meeting, Cheeseman said he recently met with members of the sheriff’s office, who told him that Hammonds will have all 12 positions filled since they had more applicants than there are vacancies, but Hammonds is looking to exceed that number.

“Sheriff is also really thinking about moving further down the road and how he can add one or more positions to our schools so we could potentially have two officers at high schools,” Cheeseman said.

The sheriff’s office will be taking over for Allied Universal, who’s been employed as the school system’s resource officers since 2020.

Cheeseman expressed his gratitude to the private security company as the board voted unanimously not to renew their contract with them.

“Thank them for their services and professional workmanship for our schools,” Cheeseman said. “We’re excited that we’ll be able to move on to the sheriff’s office.”

Cheeseman says he’ll now send the 90-day letter of termination to Allied Universal, making for a smooth transition for the 12 SROs to begin working on July 1st.

It will cost just over $513,000 in funding to get the SROs in place for next school year.