Shelter Buddies reading program starts in Pitt County

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – For Sophie Moore, summer reading is more exciting this year with her special audience, Ranger.

“Ranger’s is so cute. I like him and I want him to be my pet,” said Sophie Moore, a participant in the Shelter Buddies program.

In their 30-minute reading session at the Pitt County Animal Shelter, they were able to create a bond.

This special connection allowed Sophie to gain confidence in reading and nurture empathy for the dog, while Ranger received attention and mental comfort from interacting with kids.

When this time comes around every year, the dogs have something to look forward to.

For Sydney Moore, summer reading used to be a task she just had to cross off her list.

“Normally, when I’m reading home by myself, it’s really slow and doesn’t go by fast,” Sydney Moore shared.

However, this is no longer the case since she discovered the Shelter Buddies program last year and read with Grey, a gray pit bull.

“Grey is amazing to read to and I really love him,” Moore added.

According to Grace Brubaker, the Pitt County Animal Services supervisor, the program has been beneficial to both the dogs and the kids.

“It helps with their social skills, both the children and the animals. The animals have the opportunity to meet lots of loving families and children, and the children get a chance to meet dogs who desperately want attention and a family,” Brubaker explained.

Brubaker says this year’s program has been popular, with positions being booked days in advance.

Kids from ages 6 to 15 are welcome to join.