Shelter animals ask for love, cuddles, and a temporary home for the holidays

PITT COUNTY, N.C. (WITN) – Pitt County Animal Services is asking for help to give their fur babies some love and snuggles this holiday season, and you could be the answer.

This week, you can give shelter pets the ultimate Christmas gift by being a foster parent during the holidays. “No one wants to spend the holidays in a kennel,” said Shelter Attendant Ashley Campbell.

Pitt County Animal Services started their “Silent Night” program this week with the hope of finding temporary homes to give their cats and dogs some cuddles and the chance to get out of the shelter.

“It benefits the pups a lot because you know a lot of people they want to foster animals over the holidays, and then, of course, they end up falling in love with them and a lot of adoptions,” said Campbell.

You have until Friday, December 22, to pick up a cat or dog. You can drop them back off either December 28th, 29th, or January 2 after the new year. But don’t worry; the animals who don’t get fostered will still be cared for.

“We will do whatever we can with the ones that are still here and hopefully give them a little bit of joy on their holiday,” said Lead Volunteer Melanie Sartore-Baldwin.

The dogs that are still at the shelter will get some walks, and all animals will get a special meal, but any out-of-shelter activity will help them with socializing and also make their holidays a little brighter.

‘These dogs live in the moment, and any moment we can give them joy, it’s just one of the best feelings you can have,” said Sartore-Baldwin.

When WITN spoke with Sartore-Baldwin, she said that they are short on volunteers to watch the animals still at the shelter. If anyone wishes to volunteer for a few hours, they can contact the volunteer coordinator at the shelter.

If you’re not able to give your time or foster an animal but still want to help, you can drop off donations to the shelter. They said they are in need of things like paper towels, cleaning supplies, and towels.