Sexual violence survivor speaks to ECU students at “Just Another Assault” event

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) -Over the past few years, numerous cases of sexual assault, misconduct and violence have been reported on East Carolina University’s campus.

Most recently, more cases were reported according to the ECU Police Department activity log, which is why Pirate Nation students packed into Minges Coliseum Wednesday night to discuss the lingering subject on campus.

The event titled ‘Just Another Assault’ had the attention of every student in attendance particularly due to the fact that Bonnie Shade was speaking.

Shade, who goes around the country to advocate against sexual violence, aimed to teach the students about the sensitive topic because she experienced it herself.

“I am a victim survivor of sexual violence and when it happened to me, I wasn’t even sure what it was and I don’t know if I had the words to articulate or words to explain,” Shade said. “Hey, I’m a victim survivor of sexual violence. For me, when I started thinking about what do college students need to hear, how do we make this realistic for them to learn, how do we make this tangible for to be able to learn something.”

The discussion ranged from knowing about preventative measures to students being aware of the environments they may be going into.

The event is timely due to the fact that seven different cases have been reported in September and October at four locations on campus.

ECU freshman Heidi Bruining says she’s from a place sexual violence happens a lot, which keeps her aware.

“I’m from Orlando, Florida which is a large capital for sex trafficking,” Bruining said. “So, no matter where I’ve been like there or here, I’ve always been cautious of other people.”

And with the recurring reports of it happening, some students feel that it simply goes back to morals.

“I feel like just underage drinking, going to parties, and stuff like that if the girl says no,” said ECU football player Marlon Gunn. “From a male perspective, if she says no then no.”

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