Several voting changes seen ahead of Super Tuesday

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – Residents across North Carolina are preparing to line up at voting sites tomorrow to cast their ballot for the 2024 primary election.

“Generally, you’re going to see your busiest time at every precinct is in that 5 to 6/6:30 window as people, most people are leaving work, and they stop there,” said Dave Davis, the Pitt County Board of Elections Director.

But before you head out, there are changes to be aware of, such as the new voter ID requirement, where every person is required to show an approved voter ID or fill out a provisional ballot. But Davis said there haven’t been any issues with that requirement so far. “No, the only provisionals we’ve had so far have been related to a party dispute,” said Davis.

However, those who can not make it to the polls and opted to mail in an absentee ballot also had a new requirement this year: mail-in ballots have to be at your county’s Board of Elections office by Tuesday night. Before, your vote would still be counted three days later.

“Absentee ballots are gonna need to be returned to our office by 7:30 election night. So, really, at this point, that’s gonna be the best way to bring it in. Absentee ballots can be returned by the voter themselves, a near relative, or a legal guardian,” said Davis.

Bryan Peterson says he has not voted yet but says he plans to and supports the new changes.

“I think you should have a voter ID. I feel like you should’ve had it for a long time now because I just never understood why it’s so hard to get a voter ID. Anybody can go anywhere and get a picture taken and put it on a card, and then there’s no questions asked,” said Peterson.

Another issue that Davis says they see often is residents wanting to take their mail-in ballot to a voter site- he says it won’t be accepted there. It has to be taken to your local board of elections.