Section 8 housing residents at Indigo Ridge face big rent increases

NEW BERN, N.C. (WITN) – Some renters in the east who live in Section 8 housing, which qualifies them for government housing assistance, say they fear they could soon have nowhere to live after their landlord notified them of a big rent increase.

Residents at Indigo Ridge in New Bern moved into the community due to various life situations.

“I am a widow and I was in the Atlantic area and I lost my son in 2018 and my husband in 2019,” Russell explained.

Another resident, Maryellen Vicar, found this community during her long search for an affordable home after losing the man she used to live with.

“I went all over and everywhere I went the waitlist was a mile long and the deposit was hysterical”, Vicar said.

As senior residents with a fixed income, finding affordable housing was crucial to both of them, and Indigo Ridge fit right in with their situations.

However, this Valentine’s Day, the residents were notified of a payment due in ten days that was more than double the amount of their rent.

According to residents, only those in Section 8 housing received the letter for the payment which they say makes them feel discriminated against and hopeless.

“Finding a place would turn into a homelessness issue. You have us, as one of the residents said, under bridges, in the park, sleeping in cars,” Russell said.

According to Russell, her attempts to ask for help through handwritten letters to management have gone unanswered.

WITN reached out for comment to Indigo Ridge.

Their attorneys responded, saying management would not do an interview and that residents with concerns should contact the office.